About Us

W.H. Brady & Co. Ltd. commenced operations in 1895 with a goal of modernising India by importing innovative technology and creating new concepts in Marketing and Trading. The knowledge gained by working with renowned international Companies enabled BRADYS to establish its own manufacturing company of Material Handling Equipment in 1946 through its subsidiary Brady Engineering Company Ltd., which subsequently was renamed as Brady & Morris Engineering Co. Ltd. Both Companies are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. In 1999, BRADYS further leveraged its skills by diversifying into property facilities management through Brady Services Pvt. Ltd. BRADYS employs over 700 people across India and is involved in the following activities:


  • Marketing, Engineering Support Services, Project Management and Execution for the Aviation and Highways Sectors
  • Asset Management
  • Manufacturing of Material Handling Equipment
  • Trading of Engineering Equipment
  • Property Facility Management
  • Maintenance and Servicing of Equipment for Metros and Airports

History of BRADYS

  • 1895: Commenced operations with an office in Bruce Street, Mumbai
  • 1900: Started the first Textile Dyeing Plant in India
  • 1905: Started the first Insurance Company in India
  • 1907: Marketed the first Diesel Engine in India
  • 1920: Constructed BRADY FLATS in Colaba, Mumbai
  • 1942: Started an automated Sugar Factory in Belapur, Maharashtra
  • 1946: Founded Brady Engineering Co. Ltd. (Subsequently renamed Brady & Morris Engineering Co. Ltd.)
  • 1956: W.H. Brady & Co. Ltd. was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange
  • 1957: Brady & Morris Engineering Co. Ltd. was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange
  • 1962: Became the largest Indenting House in India for imported Machineries
  • 1999: Founded Brady Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2013: W.H. Brady celebrated its 100th year